Good quality LED corn lamp energy saving

Shaped like a corn, it has a full lighting angle of 360°.With 5050 SMD, it produces ultra bright light.Environmentally friendly, it does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no UV and IR radiation. High luminous efficiency, energy saving and long service life.Designed to fit standard E27/E14/B22 fittings, easy to install.Suitable for office, store, exhibition, halls, bars, or home use and other lighting and decoration, etc.

Real Green: soft light; no UV and IR radiation; does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements.Energy and Money Saving: can saving 85% energy than the traditional lights, and much cost for the frequent replacement of traditional bulbs.Long Life: ensures the normal use of more than 50,000 hours.Safe Operation: equips with fuse, flame retardant plastics, and aeronautic aluminum alloy body.Light Concentrated: the light is concentrated, which can highlight or emphasize a certain object or space, and the decorative effect is obvious.Comfortable Light: the light is close to the natural light, which is not dazzling.Low heat: Can work long hours without the transformer.

With 36/44/60/86/102/132/165 LEDs,it product ultra bright white light.Shaped like a corn, it has a full lighting angle of 360°.Long service life(50000,00 hours),high luminous efficiency.Energy saving and environmental friendly.Spotlight,no VU and IR radiation.Designed to fit standard E27 fittings.Low power consumption.Does not contain lead,mercury and other pollution elements.uitable for halls,bars,office or home use.Energy-saving 60%  than  fluorescent lamp.Voltage  from 90V to 240V,  universal Voltage.No lead and mercury, green and  nvironment-friendly.Better  heat  sink for favorable heat dissipation.

Use the Bluetooth version of 4.0 with Android/Apple control.Combine the function of LED corn lamp and Bluetooth speakers, good quality of sound. Support the function of music playing, normal lighting and RGB lighting effects, blink follows the rhythm of the music.Adopt the unique application for the APP system, the brightness & colors could be controlled. It can also make other operations, such as, setting up the sleeping time, music playing on/ off, changing music songs or looping mode and adjusting to the volume of music voice and so on.This LED cron light bulb is widely used and much convenient for you with the functions of APP system and infrared remote control at the same time. And it has 30,000 hours long working lifetime.


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