Energy saving led corn lamp with high quality

Basic commercial lighting;Generally matching in downlight, celling light, household lighting etc;Shopping, lighting, specialty lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting, home light;Commercial show windows and bars, airport, subway, cloverleaf junction and architecture field.

LED corn light also named as led energy saving bulb lamp, it is used to replace the traditional led energy saving bulb ( U shap energy saving bulb, spiral and half spiral CFL bulb).The led corn light made from aluminum plate+smd2835 led +PBT casing+glass cover, led driver for led corn light is IC constant current driver, and it is suitable for any input voltage in 85-265V .The led corn light is in U shap, 2U/3U/4U/5U/6U, uniquite appearance, 90~110lm/w.

With IC driver no need to change the transformer.No RF interference, no flickering or buzzing, instand star without flickering.High Color Redering index, CRI>80, perfect for indoor using. Eco-friendly, No lead, NO mercury, No UV or IR radiation.Easy to install and maintain, started without delay.Unique heat-dissipating design and perfect thermal management.Fully compliant with RoHs and CE sta.

High Lumen:  About 110lm/W.Longer lifetime:30,000to50,000hrs,10 times than fluorescent lamp,.Even the best quality energy saving led corn  lamp with 10,000hrs lifetime,it is 5 times still than energy saving led corn lamp.More environmental protection: Without ultraviolet radiation and light pollution;Without glass material,resistant to shock,more convenient for transportation;Without aluminum radiator,low raw cost,less weight;Safer,healthy,energy saving and cost reducing.LED corn bulb Lights features:High quality of cover,well distribution of light,anti-dazzle,fireproof,and high luminousness.Built-in power supply,easy to assemble.Replacing traditional energy saving led corn lamp.

Two switches for you switching from vegetable stage to flower stage freely. During growing period,just hang a bit higher like 80cm,and turn on half of the light,then lower the distance to 40cm for flowering plus turn on the whole light.Piggy tail cable let you connect up to 10 units together for use only one power cord,makes your grow room clean and tidy.Quiet fans built in,you really don’t hear if behind closed doors.Tiny protectors added to each leds,thus in case one led die,the whole system keep working without problems.Quality aluminum heat sinks and two internal fans for cooling though it runs very cool compared to the Sodium so you don’t have to worry about burning your foliage.


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