China online selling E26 E27 E39 E40 LED Corn light

Reduce energy consumption and operating costs by as much as 85% or more.High light transmittance,High lumen output ,120LM/W efficiency.Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous material.Medium E27 and Mogul E40 bases.Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary LED corn light bulbs and HPS.The life cycle of an LED corn light is ten times longer than mercury lighting products. Since mercury lighting will fail much quicker than an LED lighting product, it will result in a stronger impact on our ever increasing waste deposits.

LED lighting products work much like standard lights, except for the fact that LED corn lights are much smaller and contain no filament and harmful gases. Instead of a filament and gas, an LED creates light using nothing but the movement of electricity along the path of its semiconductor. As the electrons stream across the semiconductor, they create electromagnetic radiation. Some forms of this electromagnetic radiation can take the form of visible light. There are no harmful gases such as mercury used in the production of LED corn lights, as opposed to the toxic levels that are used in all the other different light sources. Due to these operational characteristics, LED lighting has a very insignificant negative environmental impact.

LED and heat sink perfect combination has good thermal management;Elegant arc design not only looks beautiful but also enlarge the beam angle. The brightness of bottom can be ensured even mounted upwards;IP65 design suitable for indoor and outdoor use, waterproof/dust-proof and against insects;Multiple bases E26 E27 E39 E40 LED Corn light suitable for world-wide and many applications;High performance driver solution, EMC and EMI approved;Long lifespan 35,000hrs and three years warranty, maintenance free, risk free!

Energy saving for LED Corn light:low power consumption, low heat, high level of brightness, uniform light-emitting.Long lifespan:the normal lifespan of LED Corn light is above or equal to 50.000H.No twinkling for LED Corn light: rapid start, steady work, no noise, no twinkling can effectively protect the eyes,conforming to CE.Green and environmentally-friendly: LED Corn light has no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, containing no mercury, lead and heavy metal.Special circuit design for LED Corn light: ensuring that each LED to work independently, the damage of single LED has no influence on the whole ,conforming to ROHS.Warranty time : 3-5years(the range of colour temperature:2800K-6500KColor rendering index(CRI)is optional , for example we can make Ra>80.

LED Corn light applied to urban trunk roads, residential roads and sidewalk lighting;Hotel lobby upper canister light, conferance light.Shopping mall, supermarkets.Parking lots, gas station.Garden light, park light, street light, court yard light.Indoor low bay light and outdoor pole light.

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